About Rachel

Hello! My name is Rachel Parker. This website serves as a showcase for my ever-changing studio arts portfolio.
This compilation includes a wide range of mediums: acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, colored pencil, permanent markers, and 35 mm film. I divided this work into three categories: Drawing, Painting, and Photography. But even these distinctions are in flux, for a majority of my work utilizes any number of the listed materials.
I primarily draw and paint in the abstract, and most of my photography uses staged geometrical compositions. I enjoy the fact that abstract work derives its logic from my mind, instead of the limitations of the physical world. I love looking at a finished product and thinking, "Wow. My mind just created this entire piece."
I hope you enjoy looking through my body of work. Whether you would like to provide feedback about my pieces or you would just like to talk about art, I can be easily reached through email. I will respond promptly and enthusiastically.
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